Anonymous asked:
Which episodes is Kim kardashian in? Because I've watched all episodes shes supposedly in and never seen her

I think that its seasone 4 episode oneish… not sure. Just wait for the scene where they are in the closet.

Anonymous asked:
where can I watch full episodes? pls help 🙏💖

I have an episode box, but some don’t work. Fox took down most possible links,

kurtkilledcourtney asked:
is season four even worth watching tho? i thought the first episode was shit so i stopped watching

TBH I really enjoyed it, but then I was a bit put off by it. Like my favourit has to be seasone one. Seasone 4 is just like…. shit, it’s not that funny with just one of them.

Anonymous asked:
Be honest. Am I the only one who feels that when Paris confronted Nicole in season 4, that it was scripted... ?

Practically all of it is scripted.

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any season 4 GIFS?

tubeplus x